Hand Stitching Is Our Passion

A modern love story

Needlework is not simply guiding a needle up and down.

It is artisanship, art, feel-good activity and pure fascination!

It is like finger yoga.
Soothing and inspiring.
Decelerating and yet full of energy.

Love story 01

The needle dances with the thread. Passion and fire. An explosion of colors and dreams in pastel.

Love story 02

Embroidery is like meditation it calms the soul and promotes the production of happiness hormones...

Love story 03

Immerse yourself in a world of your own. Pure sensual pleasure!

Love story Main

Surface Embroidery

Our base fabric can no longer be counted.
We design without any boundaries
Without counting a specific number of threads

What drives us

What Drives Us 01


...count, overlay, burst, slit, sew up, lay, cross, wrap
lay out, intertwine, underlay, pull through, pile up, wire, stretch, wrap, ...

... chenille needle, round needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, couronne stick, awl,
Stiletto, mellore, pliers, nails ...

...tingle, conceal, compensate, shade, dress,
tensioning, damping, trimming, mounting, ...
... that sounds exciting ?
- it sure is!


We present the artisanship of embroidery at shows and exhibitions. From time to time we travel to be inspired by other cultures.

With a lot of enthusiasm we also participate in projects from the Erasmus+ program of the EU. Always in the context of lifelong learning in adult education.

Last but not least, we live out our enthusiasm for textile design as often as possible. Interested people meet in regional groups and inspire each other.

What Drives Us 02
What Drives Us 03


We are small but great. We live, like any association, from what our members can do. When we are asked what women / men gets from the Deutsche Stickgilde, we provide a funny reply:

With us you get nothing ... with us you have to do something!

Stitch with joy! and... Realize ideas, develop your own creativity, participate in the preservation of one of the oldest crafts of mankind.


The base fabric lets us immerse ourselves in the fascination of limitation
and yet design soft shapes
design new things with modern materials

About Us

The Deutsche Stickgilde e.V. was founded in 1998 by a small group of embroidery enthusiasts. The main initiator was Bärbel Ingeborg Zimberwho was asked again and again by her course participants why there is an embroidery guild everywhere in the world, but not in our country. After asking ourselves this question intensively, there was only one answer to this question: Because no one had founded it yet!  

On the Road again

With Kit and Caboodle

We are looking forward to your visits at shows and exhibitions

You can find us regularly at the Creativa and the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe or Friedrichshafen

You can find all dates in the

Just as happy are our local groups, which offer meetings in various locations.

check here , there is certainly something to find in your area. And if it's a bit further away: it's always worth a visit!

Erasmus+ - Adult Education for Everybody

From time to time we participate in Erasmus+ projects funded by the EU.