We Love Needlework
Keeping it alive for today and tomorrow is our main goal
Count me in!
Techniques in Never Thought of Variety
We show them to you and help you
to find exactly what you always wanted to discover
Come and join us!

Gladiolus: Canvaswork and felting - © Marliese

Hurricane: White-Black Embroidery - © Margrit

Preserving tradition for today and tomorrow

On the catwalk - joint work of guild members and students of ISTA
Flagged church (detail) after a painting by A.Macke - © BIZ
Needle painting with Soie Ovale

A Modern Love Story

The needle dances with the thread. Passion and fire. An explosion of colors and dreams in pastel.deceleration 
Immerse yourself in a world of your own - pure sensual pleasure!

Our Guild


...count, overlay, zigzag, cut, sew up, couch, cross over, wrap.
chip, intertwine, underlay, pull through, pile up, wire, stretch, wrap around, ...

... chenille needle, curved needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, couronne stick, awl,
Stiletto, Mellore, Pliers, Nails ...

...prickle, conceal, compensate, shade, mount,
stretching, damping, trimming, winding, ...
... that sounds exciting ?
- that's it!


We present the artisanship of needlwork at fairs and exhibitions. From time to time we go on trips to be inspired by other cultures.

With a lot of enthusiasm we also participate in projects from the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. Always in the context of lifelong learning in adult education.

Last but not least, we live out our enthusiasm for textile design as often as possible. Interested people meet in regional groups and inspire each other.


We are small but a fine bunch. We live, like every guild, from what the members can do. When we are asked what woman/man gets from the German Embroider's Guild, we have a funny answer available:

With us you get nothing ... with us you have to do something!

Stitch with joy! and... Make ideas come alive, develop your own creativity, participate in the preservation of one of the oldest crafts of mankind.


Embroidery is like meditation
it soothes the soul
and promotes the production of happy hormones...

Waterfall - Detail - ©Helga - needlepoint, Drawn Thread, surface embroidery