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Einstein – Detail – Blackwork – © Helga DE

Stitching is Our Passion!

The Deutsche Stickgilde eV was founded in 1998 by a small group of embroidery enthusiasts. The main initiator was Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber , who was repeatedly asked by her course participants why there is an embroidery guild all over the world, but just not here. After we asked ourselves this question intensively, there was only one answer to this question: Because no one has founded it yet!

That has changed for the better! In the meantime we have blossomed into a somewhat larger group in which there is a very high level of expertise and an even greater love for textile craftsmanship. Many of our members have completed qualified training in the field of hand embroidery and are happy to pass on their knowledge to interested parties. Some have set up shops or online trading after their training so that the availability of the great materials on the market is a little better now.

The German Embroiderers Guild is present at various larger trade shows such as Creativa in Dortmund and Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe and Friedrichshafen, as well as at smaller markets. We will show you the diversity and beauty of this very old, but not at all old-fashioned craft. There we always provide information about the profession of Designing Crafts Woman/Men, which in 2011 replaced the former apprenticeships embroiderer, knitter and weaver and, in addition to these 3 specialist areas, was supplemented with felting, bobbin lace and passamentery.

Since 2006, as the German Embroiderers Guild, we have also regularly taken part in Erasmus projects in the field of adult education. The cooperation partner for this is the International School for Textile Arts.

Do it yourself is our motto

The joy of stitching and textile design with your own hands. Create something beautiful with your own strength and do something good for the soul and the world! Since we do not yet have the same number of members as an English or American embroiderers guild, we cannot offer our members as much “material” as, for example, a members’ newspaper. But we are always happy to provide help and advice. You can also find a lot of information in our knowledge database (still under construction).
In addition, there is a guild letter at regular intervals that informs you about past and future projects. Members also benefit from discounts at events and some online shops.
The practical work is mainly done by our active members, who all work on a voluntary basis and devote a lot of time to the cause, which makes us all very happy.

An association lives through its members

Stitch Ups – workshops – further education – training

needleworking together – information

regional exhibitions – international meetings

Above all: bring a beautiful craft into visibility!

In Germany and Switzerland we already have some lively meeting places
where our members can offer you a lot!

Since the founding of the German Embroiderers Guild, we have been committed to ensuring that the craft of embroidery in all its diversity is not forgotten. We present our little guild at trade shows and exhibitions and always look forward to visitors and participants in the small workshops that we offer there.

Our hard-working bees, who do all this work on a voluntary basis, are happy about every additional member in our beehive. The more we are, the more events we can attend and the sooner this beautiful, always modern craft starts to really live again.

The red thread

through all areas, our board members hold on to both ends.

1st Chairwoman: Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber - email: biz@housetextilearts.eu

2nd Chairwoman - Secretary: Helga Penndorf - email: helga.penndorf@t-online.de

3rd Chairman - Treasurer: Thomas Wefer - Email: thomas@housetextilearts.eu

German Embroiderers Guild e. V

Bahnhofstrasse 5

59964 Medebach

Email: gilde@deutschestickgilde.de