For our project we had to do some research in advance, for which we asked your help. The campaign closed on March 31st and we thank everyone who took part.

The German Embroiderers Guild asked visitors online and locally about their wishes and experiences with regard to further training. People of all ages over the age of 18 were interviewed. The above-average proportion of those willing to answer was between 50 and 65+ years (64%), the younger generation did not seem particularly interested in the topic.

A large proportion of the 123 respondents have already taken part in further training once or several times (95%). These served mainly for job-specific further education and training in the hobby area. The training opportunities were used both locally and online.

As a reason for preventing participation in further training, 53% named no suitable offers or (39%) no suitable offers in the vicinity of their place of residence.

Almost 90% of those surveyed stated that they would be happy to take part in further training for more than 28 days a year. More than 50% were also willing to accept longer journeys to get there.

It is important to the majority of those surveyed to be able to organize their time freely for the further training, very few prefer a form of teaching in the evenings during the week. Over 90% of those surveyed would also take a corresponding course online.

Most of those questioned see the provision of suitable teaching material (98%) as the most important requirement for further training, for 35% assistance with possible applications after the end of the further training is very important.

More than 60% of those questioned answered the question about the course content with an increase in competence in the selected area of further training or an increase in self-confidence.

In terms of content, the wishes are very different, but most of the respondents would prefer further training in manual techniques (63%). Only 22% rate digital competence as so important that they would opt for further training here. 92% of those surveyed would also prefer to carry out further training on the basis of practical projects and not just through theory seminars.

You can read the entire result of the survey here or download the PDF.