Erasmus +

Funded by the European Union

The time has come! For the first time, in cooperation with the International School for Textile Arts , we are not only a partner but also a coordinator for a project from the ERASMUS+ program for lifelong learning. Theme of the project:

Creating a new way of improving the key competencies of adults

It is about the development of new further training opportunities in adult education and improved access to them for those interested. One of our goals is to improve the chances of the participants in our project by developing personal, social and learning skills.

In this way we will try to emphasize the importance of lifelong learning among adult people to promote employability and social and civic development.
Our goal is to promote employability and social skills by also offering new opportunities to people with low qualification levels.

The partners (for this project these are adult education institutions from Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and the University of Istanbul) are asked to develop and exchange mechanisms to support the development of personal, social and learning skills in adult education and in addition to creating a sense of belonging for adult learners who are at high risk of exclusion, e.g. B. Unemployed people by giving project participants the opportunity to practice in an inclusive learning environment.

So a project that fits exactly with the goals of our guild, where we want to attract many interested people to shape their lives positively by doing manual work. In this project, we will create a long-term opportunity for further training for those who are interested, which will strengthen their self-confidence in being able to cope with new challenges.

This time our project runs under the motto

Refreshing How to Learn

The preparatory course starts in April, the main courses will take place in 2023. In addition to manual skills, the course also offers basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet, website design and social media, legal issues and personal development. The courses take place in our office in Medebach. At the end, the participants present the projects they have created in the course to the public.

People who would like to go back to work or who would like to return to work after maternity leave can take part in these courses. The same applies to people who still have difficulties on the German job market due to their migration background or refugee status. People who are looking for a way to learn how to learn. And those who find themselves in a situation in which they are looking for new ways of shaping their lives. Unfortunately, our rooms are not barrier-free.

There are no costs for participation and the required material. The created products remain in your possession. We will only use them for our publications. Having your own laptop is helpful, but not essential.

Please send inquiries to our email or call 02982/930 60 20 – ask for Bärbel.

You can find more information in our blog .

Brochure (German) for download

Brochure (english) for download

from Erasmus+

Every year, the EU advertises the opportunity to take part in lifelong learning projects. In the past 13 years we have had the opportunity to take part in one of these projects three times. At that time these programs were still called Grundtvig and Leonardo, today they are all united under the Erasmus+ scheme. We always work very closely with the International School for Textile Arts .

These projects are primarily about getting to know other EU countries and their culture. For this you usually travel to all participating partner countries (at least 4) and are also hosts for the participants from these countries. We met a lot of great people, visited historical sites and learned a lot about the conditions under which NGOs (“Non-Governmental Organizations”, that’s what we are as a guild) work in other countries.

Of course, a result must always be achieved, and there are different starting points. The picture shown above, our most ambitious project so far, shows the “slightly different map of Germany” that was created as part of our first Grundtvig project over the course of 2 years. It is a collaboration between members of the German Embroiderers Guild and students of ISTA. There are 5 panels (each 1×2.50m) that show various distinctive points in Germany. The background was designed using free textile techniques. Was a lot of fun!!